Which watch to choose for your girlfriend: Analogue or Digital?

For a woman a watch is not only a timepiece that is intended to be worn on hand. It is fashion statement for a woman. Woman considers the watch as a piece of jewellery and gives great importance to it. So, whenever you shop for watches online, specially for your girlfriend you need to keep a few points in mind.

There are basically two types of watches that are available in online market, the analogue type and the digital type. Both are equally in vogue, and you need to keep your girlfriend’s personality in mind before shopping for watches online.

1 . Analogue watches

In an analogue watch the display is not of the digital type but rather analogue with a traditional clock face in it. Here the time is indicated by the positions of a rotating hand.  The term analogue strictly refers to the display design. It is regardless of the time keeping technology that is used within it. If you have a girlfriend who is elegant and classical in her style then she might prefer an analogue watch to a digital one.

Before you shop for analogue watches online you should know its advantages over the digital ones.

a) Simple and Elegant

Analogue watch have a beauty of their own. They are simple and elegant in their style. This is the reason many famous brands like Cartier, Gucci, Tissot, Titan offers you a great variety of analogue watches when you shop for watches online.

b) Durable

The body and strap of most analogue watches are made of metal. It is considered to be more durable and long lasting than the fibre bodied digital watches.

c) Keeps the brain functional

Analogue watches allow you to use the faculties of your brain and keep it functional. In today’s digital world it is better if you do not surrender to it completely and keep some aspects of our life away from it. Our brain is like a machine, we should regularly oil it   by using it in our day to day practices like telling the time.

2. Digital watches

In a digital watch the time is shown as a number instead of the rotating hands. They were first developed in 1970 by Pulsar and after that they have created a wave amongst the youngsters. Today all the leading brands like Fossil, Fast track, Casio, Skmei, and Sonata have developed numerous digital watches.  If you have a girlfriend who is technologically updated and likes to sport a cool style then you can shop for the digital watches online.

Digital watches also have their own set of advantages and that is the reason it is a highly recommended watch for the youngsters. Many women of present generation prefer the digital watches to their analogue counterpart when they shop for watches online as it make them look sporty and tough. The following are the advantages of the digital wrist watches

a) Accuracy

Digital model of watches are highly accurate in telling the time. A digital clock says us the exact hours, minutes and seconds and thus helps us to plan our day more effectively.

b) Readable in the dark

Most of the digital watches are enabled with a liquid crystal display, or LCD, a feature which helps it to glow brightly in the dark and allow us to tell the time even in the dark. This feature is lacking in almost all the analogue watches. This is an important feature why many youngsters prefer the digital watches to the analogue ones.

c) More features

Digital watches are incorporated with a number of features like stopwatch, alarm, 24 hours timeline and compass. The younger generation always prefers to keep them updated technologically, so they choose them while shopping for watches online.

It is often said that good watches compliments your personality. So you have to be very careful while choosing the right watch for your girlfriend. Every girl have their unique style, one must take that into consideration before selecting the correct watch.