Factors To Consider While Determining The Air Conditioner Between Window Or Split

Buying an airconditioner is a huge investment, house owners wish to have it functioning properly for minimum one decade. First confusion is which unit to choose – window or split?

Both kinds of air conditioners possess distinctive differences. So consider the following aspects to determine the kind you will install.


Voltas split AC have two separate units. Outdoor unit [ODU] includes compressor and condenser. Indoor unit [IDU] includes the evaporative parts. Alternatively window AC is a single cuboidal shaped unit, which houses all the parts.

Technically speaking split AC will need more space but practically both have their personal pros. The point to be taken into consideration is the location of type of house you reside. If it is a flat then split AC is the best option because for a window AC, you will need big opening.

For any kind of aircondition the outer end needs good ventilation. So, if the outer end does not have proper ventilation space then the unit has to struggle for offering good cooling.

Window AC installation is restricted to places like window or at the part of room, where the outer back gets proper ventilation. Installation of window AC at wrong location can even ruin interior looks. Alternatively, split AC can be installed at any space because its outer unit can be installed far away distance with proper air ventilation.

Installation ease

Window AC needs bigger opening than the unit itself for proper supporting purpose, so if you live on rental property than there can be an issue of convincing the landlord. Split AC makes things easy because only a 3” hole is necessary to connect the outdoor and indoor unit though piping. The hole is concealed behind the indoor unit. Therefore the installation looks perfect.


Window AC makes noise because all the noisy components are inside a single box. Split AC also has noisy parts but they are all in the outdoor unit, which is installed outside. New technology has made it possible for the indoor unit to work silently. You can enjoy an undisturbed sleep with a split AC.


All heated components of split AC are in the outdoor unit installed in ventilated place, so there is very little load on the compressor, thus less electricity gets consumed. You need to ensure that connecting pipes between ODU and IDU needs to be insulated properly or its cooling efficiency can fall down. Technically, electrical consumption of same ton window and split AC is equivalent.

Capacity requirement

Window AC is single unit, so its size is proportionate directly to its ton capacity. Therefore window ACs is designed up to 2 tons only.

Split AC does not have tonnage limitation because its external unit does all the cooling work. You get to choose from 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 tons. For large space, you may need 3 tons as per calculation. It is wise to buy 2 units – one 1.5 ton and the other 2 ton. You may just need to cool specific area and not the whole area, at times. This helps to switch on just a single AC and save power.

Split AC is costly but because of the benefits mentioned above people prefers to take smart decisions. CompareRaja.in will help you obtain best possible deals on split AC.